My Money Story…

My first job after NYSC paid me N100,000 monthly, that wasn’t so bad for someone without any load to bear and this was in 2005. I practically used to blow my salary every month. I had no savings, although I studied accounting as a course in school, I had no financial knowledge about money and wealth.

The only thing I spent my money on was clothes, perfumes, bags, shoes, hair (not weavon o) and sometimes transport fare whenever I don’t follow my brother. I used to give a lot then also. I didn’t have a budget, not sure I had ever heard of a personal budget before, I was on negative on managing money.

Fast track to 7 months into the job and my salary was increased to N126,000, yeah, more balling, no savings, no investment. What I had always heard was get a good paying job and you will be fine, I can’t believe that I lived on that philosophy for so long.

I got fed up with the job like 4 months after and I resigned, without any savings, well, I could resign because I had a roof over my head and good food to eat. I was staying with my brother and he was providing everything I needed.

I was seriously bored, no money, no friends, nothing to do. It was at that time I started selling books on Instagram. I was new to Instagram then also. I wasn’t using a good phone, so I made use of my brothers’ girlfriend iPhone then, I will upload prayerfully and amazingly, people patronized me from Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos. I will go from Ikorodu to go and deliver to my Lagos customers. I am not sure if delivery companies were in operation then. I was making money but unfortunately, I was still financially illiterate, so, as the money was coming in, it was going out much faster.

I got another job but with a lower salary and things were tough because I spent almost all the salary on transport. I was living from paycheck to paycheck, sometimes I ran into debt. It was tough, but, I never for once thought to myself that I am reaping my bad money habits, I blamed the salary, I blamed Lagos for the high cost of living, I blamed everyone and everything else except myself.

My 3rd job’s income was even lesser than that of my second job, it was as if God was trying to teach me something and one thing I have learnt in my walk with God is never repeat a class, you better learn what he is teaching you then and then. So, back to my story, things were kind of tough, but my transport fare eased down because my job was on the mainland unlike others. I was still living from paycheck to paycheck, by this time, I was no longer with my brother, I stayed alone, uhnn, with all the expenses now falling on my head alone: house rent, food, transport expense, water. I was buying water twice a week because the water in that house was bad, so many expenses. Did I start saving no, the excuse I gave myself this time was, its not my kind of salary they are talking about when they mention savings plan, salary that is not even enough to spend.

All these continued until one day, I went to Stanbic bank for an official duty, and I was gisting with my friend at the customer service, talking to her about savings and investment, how I wished to invest in treasury bills or bond, this is coming from someone that had not even learnt to save o, she wanted to jump into investment. (If the foundation be faulty, what can the righteous do). So, she mentioned to me about money market, I was lost, she said it was a good savings plan and I can from there start my investment plan also. So, I picked the form for myself and a friend, whom I bullied into filling also.

Then the journey began…

I am the daughter of the Most High God. An accounting graduate and a finance analyst. And yes I am still single.